Cabinet 14




Some of my much loved tools…..

Hey folks, long time no see. So I must admit I am suffering from Instagram addiction, so yeah…that’s where I’ve been.  At the amusement of my wife of course! The tech savy English Teacher extraordinaire who is adept at Twitter and Instagram, Facebook, and of course Plants vs Zombies. She mentioned I am about 5 years behind the times with just about everything.


I probably would have never pursued further study in Cabinetmaking without this amazing wife of mine who pushed me to challenge myself and let me go off to BC 4 years in a row to get training at Inside Passage.

So this Instagram thing, I never knew there was such a community of woodworkers on that little phone app. It’s a great way to see what people are doing without having to log into a computer and search random blogs. I stumbled upon one of my ex students who is enrolled at NAIT in Carpentry, he is buiding beautiful stairs at a shop where he apprentices and a canoe with his Dad in their garage. So pretty cool to keep in touch with the like minded. I will still keep this blog running as a means of cataloging my work and trying to provide some insight into this wonderful craft some of us choose. However, it is my hope to  try and photograph the entire build of Cabinet 14 on Instagram also. Check it out at


As for Cabinet 14, it seemed somewhat fitting a title as any, as it will follow the same cabinet on stand philosophy of  13 that I did way back when. This cabinet will probably be my toughest build as it will have a door that is curved with 5 panels of glass in it. It will also be veneered and that requires making my own plywood. God forbid I purchase Baltic Birch as substrate, why? because nothing in this Province is flat or stays that way after I buy it. I’m done with store bought man made crap. I will also be trying to make my own knife hinge and incorporate a bearing into the hinge as opposed to just a simple steel pin.To make further difficulties for myself I will also be building “Squadron” along side 14. Throw in two kids under the age of 3 and I’m thinking maybe I’ll be done in 20 years or so.Thank god I don’t depend on this craft for a living!


A 33″ radius for the door for 14.


Squadron takes on it’s wing shape from a P-51 Mustang. This is an introspective piece with Aluminum panels, air brushing and rivets. 


Brainstorming on Squadron


A late night glue up of a door rail for 14


Build too long but allows me a good opportunity for truing surfaces, thicknesses and lengths.


Cutting rails to length.


The first mock up! Wasn’t happy with the squat feeling of the cabinet, too short and wide.

IMG_1350 (1).JPG

New height of door compared to mock up.


My little shop helper, great at re-organizing wood stock and cabinet parts.


Cutting Bridle Joints…ye old tenon jig from Delta Machinery. Love it.. Broken, missing parts but still works 🙂


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