Spent some time fitting the sticks used to hold the glass to the door rabbets. I decided on Ash in keeping with the cabinet. The drilled hole in the sticks are a fraction bigger than the brass nails I will use. The sticks are shaped, ends tapered and edges slightly eased with a jewelers file. After countersinking the holes, 3 coats of Shellac are applied, then steel wooled with wax. During the install glass is placed and clamped tight with the sticks. I then use a small drill bit to mark the door rabbet so pilot holes can be drilled. Pilot holes are drilled at a very slight angle to the front faces of the  rails and stiles. Nails hold better at an angle and the chance of telegraphing a nail shank to the inside of the cabinet is minimized.




82 degree countersink from Mari-tool eases each drilled hole.


Top and bottom sticks are just a tad taller than the sides for added feng shui.


A small tack hammer is needed to attach these 1/2″ Brass Escutcheon pins



Almost done folks…..oh the back panel is quartersawn Sycamore. I machined it to 5/16″ and placed a tongue and groove on each piece. They will be screwed in from the back and  a french cleat will attach the cabinet to the wall. More shots of that to come later..

Oh, and hopefully I’ll figure out a better door pull than green masking tape..



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