Frax got some glue over the Christmas break!


Traditional old fashion white glue, gives me about 10 minutes for a typical glue up. Soldering brush (cut down and all loose hairs pulled out) a dowel rod and an old foam brush with the foam removed. Don’t throw those things out they make good glue spreaders.


I was doing a demo on gluing with students one day when a former student in his second year of Cabinetmaking came in to see me. He told us a story of how his bench mate filled each dowel hole with glue and then proceeded to use a 4lb deadblow mallet to drive the top of a desk and a side together. He watched in horror as the entire side blew out and glue shot everywhere. So yeah, a drop of glue in each hole smeared with a dowel rod works just fine.


Did some pre -finishing with super blonde shellac before gluing up.


Bridle joints or “through mortises” are striking  joints to use in door frames.


Waxing each joint with Beeswax to make glue removal effortless.


Square and all joints tight..still somewhat stressful even after doing a couple of thousand glue-ups  with students.


After the glue up I began fitting the partition. Diagonal sticks or “bar gauges” are still the best way to get accurate dimensions off a case and then transferred direct to the tooth of a table saw blade and a stop block.


Still too tight on the spline…off to the shooting board.




Edge treatment with a nicely tuned spoke shave.There will a negative space under this partition that I will need to remedy. In the picture below you can see how the partition is just level with the lower door rail. When a customer looks into the cabinet from wall height the objects will not be hidden from viewI have a solution for it but it will be a lot of work. No not a drawer, something else….



Gettin there, next post..sticks!

Stay tuned!



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