IMG_0909Olive was used for small parts. It is  a beautiful wood to hand tool with small knives and chisels. This little wing shape will be the door levelers for Frax. I decided against the typical round levelers I have been putting in cabinets lately. This is more”fitting” for the cabinet even though it was a little tricky to fit itself.



The door catch mortises area pretty standard except for the front of the cavity which is sloped 10 degrees. I needed to angle it to follow along with the edge treatment of the cabinet top. The mortise will be a little deeper than what you see here as I am still roughing it out. I will use olive for these parts too.

I roughed out the initial cuts for the mortises with my Router, something I have never tried before. It worked pretty well but the true work still belongs to well sharpened chisels.



They’ve been a good set of chisels for me throughout the years. Even though I am tempted to try the new pmv chisels by Veritas. I remain loyal to the little company in England (Ahsley Iles) that is still producing these fine chisels one at a time. If you are interested you can buy them at Tools for Working Wood in Brooklyn New York.

IMG_0016 (1)

I am trying out some new hinges from Lee Valley. They look similar to the ones I learned how to make at IP but they don`t come with screws. A number 3-4 half inch screw fits nicely in the countersink. Unfortunately one of the leaves was bent out of flat,  I quickly remedy that, but it has me a little doubtful on purchasing  them again.

My usual trick on marking with a knife, taping and then routing.

I wanted the edges of the cabinet top and bottom to be clean and uninterrupted with knife hinges mortises. This required some finesse layout and fitting to be done on the cabinet doors and case. The cabinet must be clamped tight, as if it was glued together. I then placed a hinge leaf in the cabinet doors and used that to mark for the cabinet top and bottom. I was lucky enough that my cabinet doors and the case had no wind  so the layout was fairly easy. Gotta love Ash for cooperating nicely in that regard. Also necessary is drilling the radius of the knife hinge. The rest of the mortise is routed and chiseled clean.

Also required: Careful drilling 🙂 Actually just trying out this new Iphone 6S camera quality.


The finished install. Still have to soften the edges of the knife hinge mortise with some 1000 grit, it gives the area a nice look and sometimes hides less than accurate chiseling.


Almost ready to finally glue this case up.






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